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On Earth Day, Eight Ways to Eat With the Planet in Mind

What’s food got to do with loving the planet? Everything. The global food system — from production to consumption to waste — contributes to one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is the single largest user of land, worldwide, and agricultural chemicals pollute lakes, streams, and rivers.The good news is that we can grow food abundantly without hurting the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Rebrand? Coca-Cola and Chicago Team Up to Greenwash

What if you woke up one morning to learn that your community had become enlisted to advertise for Coca-Cola? You didn’t have a choice. People in neighborhoods across your city were told the same thing. That’s basically what happened in the city of Chicago this week when Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a partnership with Coca-Cola.

Food MythBuster Anna speaks at Organic Valley’s Annual Meeting

100,000 Views in 5 days: Upworthy highlights Anna’s TEDx talk

Upworthy describes Anna's TEDx Manhattan talk as "The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonald's Hope You Never See" and says "Anna Lappe is an author and activist. Her TEDx talk will open your eyes about what the food industry gets away with." Watch it here. Thanks Upworthy!

Kicking McDonald’s Out: Hospitals Are Getting Serious About Food

All across the country, hospitals like this one in San Francisco are rethinking what’s on its menu and in the cafeterias. Prompted by skyrocketing rates of diet-related illnesses and with ever greater understanding of the role of good nutrition, public health professionals are starting to get serious about food.