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Down with the clown: Third graders stand up to McDonald’s junk-food marketing

Wendy’s What Are You Waiting For: Calling on the Fast Food Giant to Stand up For Farmworkers

One of the highest earning fast food chains in the country, Wendy’s comes in at number two behind McDonald’s. Nearly 6,600 restaurants in the U.S. and around the globe afford the company serious market power— influence that can go a long way to shift purchasing practices. Instead of leveraging that power to demand lower prices from suppliers, Wendy’s could be rewarding growers who respect workers’ rights.

The other oil import: Why palm oil is key to cutting the carbon emissions from our food system

Not Lovin’ It: Moms and McDonald’s Don’t Mix

This Mother’s Day, moms and their kids “deserve a break” from Ronald-run school assemblies, adver-games and marketing at large.

Op-Ed: The Problem with Walmart’s Hunger Games

The retailer’s annual anti-hunger competition is more about good PR and access to consumer data than feeding the poor.