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Busting The Myth Of Parent Choice: Food Marketing And Its Impact On Kids

Anna visits HuffPo LIVE to launch the new Food MythBusters movie

Watch Anna's interview on HuffPo LIVE where she discusses the new Food MythBusters movie.

HuffPost Live Interviews Anna Lappé

Author & food sustainability advocate Anna Lappé sits down with Josh to discuss her new film & how she's working with Corporate Accountability International to debunk some of the biggest myths about the fast food industry & the beloved kids' meal.

Food MythBusters at TEDx Manhattan, 2013

As we launch our new Food MythBusters movie, The Myth of Choice, study up with Anna's talk from TEDx Manhattan in early 2013.

Wake Up and Smell the Soil! A Groundbreaking UN Report on the Paradigm Shift Needed to Feed the Future

A doorstop of a report arrived in inboxes this morning. Not so subtly called: “Wake up Before It Is Too Late,” the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development new report is a rallying cry for action to move toward greater sustainability in food and farming—to ensure food security in a changing climate.