Take Action for a Fair Minimum Wage with the Food Chain Workers Alliance

Would you believe that workers in the food industry are the ones who need the most help getting food on their own tables?

Twenty million people work in the food system in the U.S., and more than half (10 million workers) earn less than the poverty line for a family of three. In a 2012 report from the Food Chain Workers Alliance, “The Hands That Feed Us,” they found that food workers use food stamps at 1.5 times the rate of the rest of the U.S. workforce and face food insecurity – defined as the inability to afford to eat according to the USDA – at 1.2 times the rate of all other workers.

Especially in the case of workers who receive tips – like servers, bussers, and bartenders – the federal minimum wage has been frozen at $2.13 for more than 20 years. This bill would result in more than a 100% wage increase for them over three years. For those workers earning the minimum wage, the bill’s passage would result in a 33% wage increase over the same period. For these millions of working people who touch our food, the bill’s passage could provide these workers the means to support themselves and their families.

Sign the petition telling members of Congress that as a consumer, you’re willing to pay an extra dime a day so that 29 million workers can receive a much needed raise and they should support the Fair Minimum Wage Act.

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To get the facts and figures behind the recommendations and the impacts they’d have on food industry workers and their families, download the full report: Dime a Day: The Impact of the Miller/Harkin Minimum Wage Proposal on the Price of Food