Reports and Resources

Everything that we talk about through this project is grounded in research, peer-reviewed studies and on-the-ground evidence. As we connect the dots about our food and farming systems, we look to the ongoing work of many who are dedicated to getting to the bottom of these important questions. This section highlights the reports, books, documentaries and the many resources we draw from. Looking for a report we cite in the video? A study to use for a class paper? A translation of the script for organizing in your own community? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re new to the food movement or well-versed on the issues, we hope these resources will be helpful as you sharpen your own analysis. Check it out and look around, this section is updated regularly with new resources as they come out.

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Blending history, reporting, and a deep understanding of American farming and food production, Foodopoly is the shocking and revealing account of the business behind the meat, vegetables, grains and milk that most Americans eat every day, including some of our favorite and most respected organic and health-conscious brands. Hauter also pulls the curtain back from the little-understood but vital realm of agricultural policy, showing how it has been hijacked by lobbyists, driving out independent farmers and food processors in favor of the likes of Cargill, Tyson, Kraft and ConAgra. Foodopoly demonstrates how the impacts ripple far and wide, from economic stagnation in rural communities at home to famines overseas. In the end, Hauter argues that solving this crisis will require a complete structural shift—a change that is about politics, not just personal choice.

American Wasteland

American Wasteland chronicles how we waste food from farm to fork and examines the impact of our squandering. With an upbeat tone, the book offers suggestions on how we—as a nation and as individuals—can trim our waste. A word of warning: It’s a book that forces you to reconsider your approach to food. Because once you’re looking for food waste, it’s hard to miss.

World Hunger: Twelve Myths

An authoritative book at the intersection of global hunger and the food movement, World Hunger: Twelve Myths draws on and distills the extensive research of the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First). Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins, and Peter Rosset examine head-on the policies and politics that have kept hungry people from feeding themselves around the world, and the misconceptions that have obscured our own national, social, and humanitarian interests.

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Fact Sheets

Agroecology Fact Sheet

Agroecology applies ecological science to the study and practice of food and farming. It links ecology, culture, economics, and traditional knowledge to create healthy, plentiful food, enrich soil, combat climate change, and conserve water and other resources. Download and share this fact sheet on the benefits and success of agroecology, created by Small Planet Institute.

Restricting Food and Beverage Advertising in Schools

Looking for tools to help curb junk food marketing in your child’s school? Developed by NPLAN, this fact sheet outlines the steps a community can take to create a school district policy restricting food and beverage advertising.

Sugary Drinks FACTS: Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score

Young people are being exposed to a massive amount of marketing for sugary drinks, such as full-calorie soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks. The study is the most comprehensive assessment of sugary drink nutrition and marketing ever conducted. The data show that companies marketing sugary drinks target young people, especially black and Hispanic […]

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Dishing up a Non-GMO Thanksgiving

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving with real food? The Non-GMO Project created a helpful graphic to keep GMOs off the table – check it out!

Fast-Food TV Advertising Aimed At Kids

99% of all fast food ads targeting kids were placed by just two companies. Can you guess which ones? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation conducted a study and put together this fantastic infographic to break down food marketing trends on TV and why industry self-regulation isn’t cutting it.

Tackling the Food Waste Crisis

The folks over at Sustainable America created this great infographic to show how food is wasted and lost around the world and what can be done about it. Check out their blog post Tackling the Food Waste Crisis for a more in-depth breakdown of all the facts and figures.

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Reading Guides

Companion Reading Guide | Food MythBusters Film: “Do We Really Need Industrial Agriculture to Feed the World?”

For more than ten years, I’ve been circling the globe, talking with farmers and farming families from Mali, Kenya, Brazil, India, Poland, Bangladesh, China, Mexico, the Midwest, California, the Gulf of Mexico, and beyond. Across such diversity of geography, language, and history, I’ve heard the same story: the damage—to the environment, to farmers, and to […]

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Spinning Food: How Food Industry Front Groups and Covert Communications are Shaping the Story of Our Food

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new report that Anna has been working on with Kari Hamerschlag at Friends of the Earth U.S. and Stacy Malkan at U.S. Right to Know Network. “Spinning Food,” investigates how Big Food and agrochemical corporations are deliberately misleading the public – and reporters – on facts about industrial […]

Standing on the Sidelines: Why food and beverage companies must do more to tackle climate change

For the food and beverage industry, climate change is a major threat. For millions of people, it means more extreme weather and greater hunger. The Big 10 food companies are significant contributors to this crisis, yet they are not doing nearly enough to help tackle it. As part of the Behind the Brands campaign, Oxfam calls on the Big 10 to step up and take action on climate change.

Best Public Relations that Money Can Buy

In this report for the Center for Food Safety, Michele Simon of Eat Drink Politics describes how Big Food and Big Ag hide behind friendly-sounding organizations such as: the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, the Center for Consumer Freedom, and the Alliance to Feed the Future. A must read for anyone looking to pull back the curtain who is funding the PR spin and messaging from Big Food and Big Ag that’s pushing back on the sustainable food movement.

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Screening Guides

Food MythBusters Screening Guide | Myth of Choice: How Junk Food Marketers Target Our Kids

On September 25, 2013, the Food MythBusters launched its second animated movie that takes on the myth of personal choice and exposes the harmful impact of marketing to kids. Help celebrate Food Day and host a screening on October 24, 2013! You can help us spread the word! View the PDF.

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Guión de Video: El Mito de Elegir

Descargar el guión de video para el nuevo Food MythBusters película aquí: PDF

Script français

Le script en français: PDF Do you want to download the script in French?  View the PDF

Sugary Drinks FACTS: Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score

Young people are being exposed to a massive amount of marketing for sugary drinks, such as full-calorie soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks. The study is the most comprehensive assessment of sugary drink nutrition and marketing ever conducted. The data show that companies marketing sugary drinks target young people, especially black and Hispanic […]

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Save and Grow

Save and Grow: A New Paradigm for Agriculture | A Policymaker’s Guide to the Sustainable Intensification of Smallholder Crop Production

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations put out this report, presenting “a new paradigm for agriculture worldwide” based from sustainable crop production intensification (SCPI).  This method produces more from the same area of land while conserving resources, reducing negative environmental impacts and building from existing relationships within the ecosystem. Watch the video | View […]

BMSG: Junk Food Toolkit

Fighting Junk Food Marketing to Kids: A Toolkit for Advocates

From the Berkeley Media Studies Group, this toolkit outlines the ways food and beverage companies market to kids including ‘advergames,’ cell phone and email tactics. Along with the video, the advocate toolkit offers strategies, discussion guides, and sample letters to officials to push back on the far-reaching corporate influence of junk food marketing on kids. Download the […]

Prevention Institute: We're Not Buying It

We’re Not Buying It Campaign: The Facts on Junk Food Marketing and Kids

The food, beverage, and chain restaurant industries go out of their way to say they’re on the side of health, but their actions expose the truth: protecting their profits wins out. Check out the video below for an inside look at their tactics as the Prevention Institute exposes deceptive marketing to kids, debunks industry claims, […]