Food MythBuster: Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world?

Written by: Anna Lappé and Jonah Sachs
Produced by: Free Range Studios
Executive Producer: Erica Priggen
Director: Eric Smith

Food MythBuster: Anna Lappé

AgraCon Scientist: Doug Boyd

Director of Photography: Tim Kerns
Gaffer: Charles Griswold
Gaffer Assistant: Rick Edmondson

Gaffer Assistant (Spoof Ad): Joseph Mendoza
Sound: Scott Kinzey

Sound (Spoof Ad): Lou Wiskes
Teleprompter: Erin Rockmore

Props (Spoof Ad): Andrew Lewis
Hair and Make-up: Kathleena Gorga
Wardrobe: Teri Cundall
Associate Producer: Juliet Unfried

Production Assistant: Darshita Mistry
Animation Script: Jonah Sachs, Ruben DeLuna, and Eric Smith
Animation Director: Ruben DeLuna
Animator: Anthony Enos
Graphic Designer: Darshita Mistry
Editor: Chip Mauro
Sound Design: Ray Sutton

Volunteer Translators:
Chinese: shao tzuping and shaolida
French: Coralie Vos
German: Felix Egerer
Hungarian: Sarolta Horvátth & Hero of Responsible Dining blog
Korean: SeungJin Kim
Russian: Roman Makukhin
Spanish: Christina Bronsing, Alhelí Herrera, and Tanya Kerssen

Food Hero: Kristin Carbone

Director: Shalini Kantayya
Producer: Cedric Troadec
Director of Photography: Michael Beau Grantland
Editor: Shalini Kantayya
Finishing Editor: Zachary Ludescher
Music by: DJ Spooky & Joshua Roman of Radiohead
Illustrations by: Free Range Graphics
This film is a collaboration between the Real Food Media Project and 7th Empire Media.

Food Hero: The Nelson Family

Produced by Rikshaw Films

With Special Thanks to

Cedar Tree Foundation
Compton Foundation
Food and Farm Communication Fund
Maryskas Fund
Nell Newman Foundation
Overbrook Foundation
Park Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Surdna Foundation
The 11th Hour Project
Town Creek Foundation
V. Kann Rasmusssen Foundation
Wallace Global Fund