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For everything from how-to’s on hosting a screening to tips and tricks on planning a great event, the Event Toolkit is your one stop shop – including step-by-step guides, event checklists, sample invites and templates. Cover to cover, it’s meant to be a practical tool to help you organize an impactful event with a few friends or a roomful of new ones.

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Food MythBusters Event Toolkits and Screening Guides

The Hunger & Food Security Myth Action Kit: Download the PDF

The Myth of Choice Screening Guide: Download the PDF


Quiz: Junk Food Marketing and Kids

The food industry says it’s up to parents to make healthy choices for our kids. We agree! Then why do they push junk on our kids? Take our quiz to discover how corporations are peddling junk food, fast food, and soda to children and teens.

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Quarter Sheet Flyers

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