Food MythBusters at TEDx Manhattan, 2013

As we launch our new Food MythBusters movie, The Myth of Choice, study up with Anna’s talk from TEDx Manhattan in early 2013.



Talk highlights via Upworthy:

1:14 How her daughter’s obsession with one particular person made her realize what was happening.
2:20 Can you guess how much money the food industry spends marketing to kids?
3:15 There’s even a term for the way they make children more annoying.
3:55 Find out just how many thousands of ads kids see if they watch a regular amount of television.
4:30 Here’s why just turning off the TV isn’t a solution.
4:50 Learn which school supplies are now sponsored by junk food.
5:54 Find out how companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are straight-up conning school communities to buy their products.
6:47 Here’s what she finds most upsetting.
8:10 And here’s how they get even more information about kids.
9:30 She talks about the life and death consequences that hang in the balance with this issue.
10:24 We’re seeing the most depressing innovations in health care now thanks to the food industry.
12:00 You’ll never believe where McDonald’s wanted to advertise.
13:01 Find out who’s fighting these food behemoths and saving generations to come.

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