For Students


Students are in a special position to push the movement for Good Food forward and make huge gains.

Link up with other students around the country and the world. There’s space for everyone.

Look at our Coalition Member, Real Food Challenge — their goal is to shift $1 billion dollars of university money from industrial agriculture towards local and fair foods. With over 350 school participating, they are well on their way to transforming school food.

But they don’t do it alone, and that’s where you come in! Click through these pages and join us; there are events, readings, ideas and more for each and every one. There’s a niche and a special place waiting for a brilliant young mind to fill. Let’s keep pushing until we reach that tipping point — when all food becomes Good Food! Cheers!

  • Host an Event

    Get your friends together to host a screening, share a real food dinner, or organize a large public event to spread the word about Food MythBusters and fight corporate control of our food system.

  • Join a Webinar

    Sign up for a train-the-trainer webinar with Anna. Geared towards organizers and activists, the webinar will teach you how to spread the word about the project. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars.