Reports & Resources: Fact Sheets

Agroecology Fact Sheet

Agroecology applies ecological science to the study and practice of food and farming. It links ecology, culture, economics, and traditional knowledge to create healthy, plentiful food, enrich soil, combat climate change, and conserve water and other resources. Download and share this fact sheet on the benefits and success of agroecology, created by Small Planet Institute.

Restricting Food and Beverage Advertising in Schools

Looking for tools to help curb junk food marketing in your child’s school? Developed by NPLAN, this fact sheet outlines the steps a community can take to create a school district policy restricting food and beverage advertising.

Sugary Drinks FACTS: Food Advertising to Children and Teens Score

Young people are being exposed to a massive amount of marketing for sugary drinks, such as full-calorie soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, and fruit drinks. The study is the most comprehensive assessment of sugary drink nutrition and marketing ever conducted. The data show that companies marketing sugary drinks target young people, especially black and Hispanic […]

Seven Things To Tell Your Friends About GMOs

There’s a lot of opinion these days about genetically engineered foods – whether they’re safe, if they should be labeled, and how they affect the environment – to name a few. To learn more about the links to health, environmental, and food security issues at the heart of the debate,¬†Small Planet Institute‘s¬†newest handy guide is […]