Reports & Resources: Infographics

Dishing up a Non-GMO Thanksgiving

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving with real food? The Non-GMO Project created a helpful graphic to keep GMOs off the table – check it out!

Fast-Food TV Advertising Aimed At Kids

99% of all fast food ads targeting kids were placed by just two companies. Can you guess which ones? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation conducted a study and put together this fantastic infographic to break down food marketing trends on TV and why industry self-regulation isn’t cutting it.

Tackling the Food Waste Crisis

The folks over at Sustainable America created this great infographic to show how food is wasted and lost around the world and what can be done about it. Check out their blog post Tackling the Food Waste Crisis for a more in-depth breakdown of all the facts and figures.

A Sip of Soda: How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

Check out this full-body full-color infographic tracking just one sip of soda and how it impacts your body and your health. Drink for thought next time you’re at the store.  

Soil to Sky: Agroecology vs Industrial Agriculture Infographic

The Christensen Fund put together a great infographic detailing the differences of industrial agriculture and agroecology from SOIL to SKY including farm yields, biodiversity and water systems, livelihoods and the climate impact of our food systems. Nicely done, check it out. Click for full size version: