Food MythBusters
an initiative of the Real Food Media Project
a project of Anna Lappé and Corporate Accountability International

Welcome to the Real Food Media Project’s Food MythBusters! 

After more than twelve years on the road, talking about food with farmers and scientists, educators and activists, teachers and students, I realized that there was a need for a project that could spread the real story of our food, debunking persistent myths about sustainable food and farming, through compelling media, a new online information center, and grassroots events.

I turned for help to some of my favorite food and farming organizations—and Food MythBusters was born.

Here you’ll find great movies taking on some of the biggest myths about sustainable food, resources to host events and screen our movies, and more.

Our first mythbusting video takes on the myth that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world and showcases the power of sustainable agriculture to address the root causes of hunger in a world of plenty. Each of our mythbusting movies is grounded in the best science and research out there, so be sure to check out our companion reading guide and annotated transcript—with citations and sources for every assertion you hear. Our next mythbusting video, coming September 2013, will take on the myth that Junk Food is what we crave and uncover food marketing and advertising tactics that target children. Watch me on TEDxManhattan for a preview.

This project lives and grows as much as you are willing to engage and as far as you are willing to share it with your family, friends, and loved ones. So please join us.

The project is built on the spirit of collaboration – enthusiastic volunteers translating our movies into Turkish, Hungarian, Portuguese and more; community organizers screening the films on campuses, in churches, and in Academy of Sciences; an amazing Food MythBuster team; a Coalition of some of the hardest working food system changemakers I’ve ever met; and advisors and experts who donated their time and their experience.

Together, we’re spreading the real story about our food—that we can have a food system that is truly affordable, delicious, fair, and good for the planet.

What can you do next? All the material on our website is Creative Commons – which means it is free and open to use.

Thanks for joining our team! We look forward to busting myths, making change, and enjoying real food—together.


Anna Lappé
Real Food Media Project Director