Watch the Trailer for the new Food MythBusters Movie: Marketing & Advertising to Kids

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Last fall, Food MythBusters launched a powerful video taking on the myth that only industrial agriculture can feed the world. A quarter of a million people around the world watched the video and took action.

On September 25, 2013, Food MythBusters is taking on the next big myth, exposing the food industry’s cradle-to-grave marketing designed to hook kids for life.

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Big Food spends close to $2 billion every year telling kids and teens what’s cool to eat through advertising, promotions, and sponsorships. Meanwhile, across the country, fast-food chains are crowding out grocery stores and supermarkets, narrowing the healthy food choices available.

Scary? It sure is, but together, we can work to curb this predatory marketing and stand up for real food.

Click here to learn more about the marketing and advertising myth.

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