Who’s your Food Hero?

We shared with you some of our Food Heroes — FEEST,¬†Kristin Carbone, and The Nelson Family — who are doing what Industrial Agriculture tries to tell us is impossible. We’re lucky enough to work with a whole Coalition of Food Heroes who do amazing work from eating just food to lobbying for real food to organizing for good food for all.

Thank you to them and all the Food Heroes — who made food for us when we were sick, who materialized meals when there was nothing, made us our favorite foods, refused to use chemicals on food, taught us to cook foods from our heritage, grew the food on our tables, fought for standards and dignity, and MORE. We know you are out there; we want to know…who’s your Food Hero? What heroic portions do you remember?

Tell us who your Food Hero is!

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Tell us why your Food Hero is your hero. Send it in to info <at> foodmyths <dot> org – we’ll post the stories that move us and that will make us all want to meet them.